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Meet the Instructors

Creative Arts Dance Studio Director

Kara Minnis was born and raised in Eureka MT and since the young age of three, has always had a passion and love for dancing. She lived and learned the art of dance through the programs and exposure that the Creative Arts Dance Studio and her mom, Cheryl Geibel-Bressi brought to the Eureka community. She trained under her direction until she ventured off to the University of Montana to expand her knowledge and continue her dance training. Kara is now the Director of the Dance Studio. She teaches Creative Movement, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Fitness classes. Kara holds a certification in Power Sculpt and Barre as well. A love for the stage and a deep respect for the power of movement keeps her driven to share and teach with great passion. She looks forward to working with Montana’s dance community and to what the future will bring with her ever-continuing dance education.


Tyyli is one of the newest dance instructors at CADS. Dancing for over 13 years, she has a strong passion for art and choreography. Art has helped Tyyli express her creativity and emotions. Tyyli is a Holistic Esthetician and makeup artist. When not dancing, you can find her at the Main Event Salon and Spa in Eureka, Mt.  


“It’s a privilege to support local creativity and give back to the community that I grew up in. It brings me lots of joy to be teaching in this beautiful facility that little Eureka is so thankful to have.” 


Desiree Libby is 3rd generation Eureka Montana native.  She joined the Creative Arts Dance Studio program when she was 12 years old and has been dancing ever since. She danced at the University of Montana and continued her dance education in Portland Oregon.  In 2008-2009 she apprenticed under the founder of the Creative Arts Dance Studio, Cheryl Bressi, in preparation to step into the role as Creative Arts Dance Studio Director in 2010. Desiree was the director of the program for the next 6 years teaching, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip-hop, creative movement and musical theatre to students of all ages. Sadly, she left that position to move with her family to North Dakota, although short lived, she taught adult tap at a wonderful studio in Dickinson North Dakota. Luckily, the Creative Arts Dance Studio family welcomed her back with open arms and she continues to teach the art of dance. Desiree has a strong dedication to this program and the students that give it their all each and every week. Dance is a part of her soul and every day she is so grateful for the chance to dance!



Katie has danced in the CADS program since she was a little girl. She danced under the the direction of Cheryl Bressi for 13 years before graduating in 2008. Katie is native to Eureka and has been part of the community her entire life. She has four daughters whom are also dancers in the program. At age 20, Katie started assistant teaching under Desiree Libby. She later started teaching for Kara Minnis and became an instructor for Kara in September 2019. She has gone on to get physical fitness certifications such as Power Sculpt and Barre. Katie continues to take classes to help further her knowledge to help her students. She has a tremendous love for dance and teaching!  


Morgan grew up in Eureka, Mt and has been dancing since she was three years old with the Creative Arts Dance Studio. Morgan has danced under many director's over the course of her dance career at CADS. She graduated in 2021 from LCHS. Immediately following graduation, Morgan went on a mission trip to Albania and Hawaii. She found inspiration and purpose in her travels. After coming home to Eureka for massage school, Morgan wanted to get involved in the dance world again! She is excited to teach the Eureka youth and to bring her worldly experiences to CADS. In her spare time, Morgan loves to take her dogs to the river for a run!


Cara was born and raised in Eureka, Montana and began dancing with the Creative Arts Dance Studio at the age of five.  She continued on to Montana State University where she majored in Graphic Design and pursued her dance education, immersing herself in as many new classes and styles as she could.  This is where she was given the opportunity to choreograph her first small hip hop piece for the University performance program. After two years, Cara transferred to the University of Colorado to continue her education. This is where she experienced much of the hip-hop and street dance culture that inspires her today.

In 2013 Cara moved back to Eureka and began teaching under the Director of the Creative Arts Dance Studio, Desiree Libby. Then eventually stepped into the role as Director in 2015. Cara led the studio for the next two years teaching various styles and disciplines to students of all ages. In 2017 she moved to the Crowsnest Pass in Alberta, Canada.  

Cara has remained with the Creative Arts Dance Studio as an instructor primarily teaching hip hop. She has also been an instructor at a start-up studio in Fernie, British Columbia from 2017 to 2021 and is currently teaching at Turning Pointe Dance Studio in the Crowsnest Pass. She passionately believes that dance is as healing and healthy for the soul as it is for the body. She is dedicated to helping her students embrace their bodies and their individuality in their movement and finding the joy in doing so.

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